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Inventor Render 1 - Galvanized
Inventor Render 2 - Black Paint

Mini ITX PC Case

Autodesk Inventor | Maxon Cinema 4D

A Precision Multi Component, Assembly Project


What better project after having self-built a networked 4 computer renderfarm from mini-ITX boxes, than make my own ITX design, rectifying the shortcomings of the cases I purchased.


As with any project that constains commercially available components, these must be researched for dimensional and tolerance constraints. These were found on publically available specification data sheets from current manufacturers. Everything was modelled to 0.01mm tolerance, including items such as the DisplayPort connectors on the Graphics Card. Where no data was available, items were measured with a Vernier Calliper.

Designed in Autodesk Inventor

This was at heart, a multi-component sheet-metal and assembly validation project. Utilizing several custom punches and dies, and press forming tools, utilizing my knowledge of production techniques and reference materials, I designed this case to be manufacturable, functional and offer the best possible expansion opportunity in the limited volume. All sub-components were drawn to exact dimensional constraints and assembled to sub-assemblies, before final assembly to validate the design. Note that while this was drawn in Inventor, I would be just as capable as designing in Solidworks, and I have even been evaluating SolidEdge for future needs.

Animated, Textured and Rendered in Maxon Cinema 4D

then exported .stl files into Cinema for further product rendering and animation.

Video Edit in Davinci Resolve

Tens of thousands of high-resolution transparent png were imported into Resolve, which it handled fantastically. Mutliple sub-movies were created, blended and layered together, and finally collated into a continuous stream. As an area I have no previous experience in, I was pleased that I made an acceptable attempt at conveying the assembly intent in the video.


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View the RealTime demonstration Video

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